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PJB Services Company: Your Trusted Car Dealership

PJB Services Company is a family owned business that prides itself on being honest and selling quality used cars at a fair market price to low and middle income families who cannot afford to purchase new cars, or higher income individuals or families that are looking for a reliable second car.

Each vehicle sold by PJB Services Company is checked for structural integrity with an engine diagnosis performed as well as a Carfax report run on each vehicle prior to purchase from qualified dealers auction or from known private individuals. Our good reputation is the marketing tool that we employ. Our major advertisement is posted in our church bulletin where we have been faithful parishioners since 1990. Word of mouth and referrals from satisfied customers is our simple business plan to achieve success. Please choose from our inventory or give us your preferences on; year, make, model, mileage, features, etc... and let us find the right car for you from one of the major quality dealer auctions with whom we are registered.

We also deal in quality used parts; engines, transmissions, etc... . Please inquire with your needs.
Your repeat business is important to us, please allow us an opportunity to provide you with dependable used vehicles.

Respectfully yours,
P.J. Baranuk - Proprietor

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